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Trial & Error- The Earth Seeks Justice! All Be Seated!

This summer Rewire Youth Theater presents an original short play: Trial and Error!

What happens when Earth is fed up of the way she has been treated? Who is to be blamed? Who sits in judgement and who is the jury? Come watch this humorous play written and directed by Rewire Youth Theater (RYT Acts) members talking about our current climate crisis. Bring your children, your parents, sisters, brothers, friends...Earth belongs to everyone!

Come out and laugh and enjoy and encourage the youth as they explore answers!"

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1256392664523351/


Three shows in San Ramon at the Front Row Theater:
June 28, Friday @7 PM
June 29, Saturday @ 11 AM

June 29, Saturday @ 7 PM

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Patchwork Book Club

We are excited to welcome you to 'Patchwork', our summer book club for middle schoolers (grade 6- grade 9). This youth book club will meet weekly from June 13 to July 18 at the times below.   

Here is the list of books we will be reading....we hope these encourage inclusion and diversity in our communities and create conversations on different perspectives!

Book list:

June 13, Thursday, 6-8PM: 'I am Malala', session facilitated by Shailaja Dixit

June 20, Thursday, 6-8PM: 'The Secret Of Me', session facilitated by Cheryl Havens

June 26, Wednesday, 6-8 PM: 'The reason I jump, inner voice of a 13 yr old boy with Autism', session facilitated by Marilyn Cachola Lucey

July 11, Thursday, 5-7 PM: 'Star Crossed by Barbara Dee', session facilitated by Lisa Levy & Michelle Brennan-Cooke

July 18, Thursday, 5-7 PM: 'Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA', session facilitated by Marilyn Cachola Lucey

To join or for more info, please email admin@rewirecommunity.org Come and enjoy your summer with us!  

Spots are limited. We would like to keep the group small to allow meaningful conversations! 


Weekly June 13 to July 18

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