2019 Completed Events

Migration is Beautiful- POSTER.jpg

Migration is Beautiful- The Butterfly Effect

We spent a beautiful sunny morning together in San Ramon. Everyone gathered to create butterflies - raising awareness and keeping in mind the many children in migration detention centers at the borders. We will be delivering all our art to the youth organizers in Oakland, to be part of public installations placed around the Bay Area ... our thanks to all who came and supported this initiative! 

We made 130 butterflies ️


Aug 11


San Ramon Central Park

Game on- Basketball Workshop.jpg


5 - Day Basketball & Wellness Workshop for Girls!

We had an incredible week of building a team, learning basketball drills and playing the game, while also starting a dialog about how the skills and concepts we learn on court, such as rules and boundaries, can translate to life skills; about the emotional regulation we do while playing a game, that can help us day to day; and how such team sports are as much about mental wellness as physical. 

Our big thanks to the community that continues to come together to support these sessions and discussions! 


August 5 - 9

6:15pm- 7:30pm

San Ramon

Patchwork book club- Rewire Community.jpg

Rewire Community wraps up 'Patchwork', our summer book club for  middle schoolers (grade 6- grade 9). This youth book club met weekly from June 13 to July 18 to discuss topics and books listed below.  

The hope with the books was to encourage inclusion and diversity in our communities and create conversations on different perspectives!  

Book list:

June 13, Thursday, 6-8PM: 'I am Malala', session facilitated by Shailaja Dixit

June 20, Thursday, 6-8PM: 'The Secret Of Me', session facilitated by Cheryl Havens

June 26, Wednesday, 6-8 PM: 'The reason I jump, inner voice of a 13 yr old boy with Autism', session facilitated by Marilyn Cachola Lucey

July 11, Thursday, 5-7 PM: 'Star Crossed by Barbara Dee', session facilitated by Lisa Levy & Michelle Brennan-Cooke

July 18, Thursday, 5-7 PM: 'Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA', session facilitated by Marilyn Cachola Lucey

Trial And Error- The Earth Seeks Justice.jpg

Trial & error

In summer of 2019, Rewire Youth Theater presented our original short play: Trial and Error!

What happens when Earth is fed up of the way she has been treated? Who is to be blamed? Who sits in judgement and who is the jury? This humorous play was written and directed by Rewire Youth Theater (RYT Acts) members talking about our current climate crisis.

A play that helped us laugh and enjoy, and also encouraged the youth, and our community, to explore answers!

The audience was our jury!

Our youth voice rises: our show on June 28 closed with a moment of silence honoring our LGBTQ+ friends, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which was a spontaneous uprising against the anti-gay legal system and the sentiment of homophobia in the community. 


Three shows in San Ramon at the Front Row Theater:
June 28, Friday @7 PM
June 29, Saturday @ 11 AM

June 29, Saturday @ 7 PM

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Rewire Community concluded our 12 week women's wellness group in San Ramon on May 21st. The group met every Tuesday evening, with an aim to discuss topics that help build our wellness, lower stress and improve our self-care. 

We will be resuming the group in August again.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Sangita Biswas for facilitating the sessions and creating space for conversations. To all the women who took time to invest in themselves and in our communities. And to our donors and granters, volunteers and well-wishers who make all this possible. Together we will surely create waves of change.


March 12 6:30 - 8:30 PM

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Earth Hour

This was a green event led by the youth, for everyone! Fun quizzes, art and craft activities, connecting with local community resources working in this space...to find ways to support our planet better!

Big thanks to the Rewire youth for bringing such an important topic into the conversation....and to our amazing guest participants, volunteers, parents....and to our community for responding, supporting and participating.

"Our first step into learning.thinking.acting...about our role in climate change. 

An effort to understand who we are and how we are interacting with our environment- nature and all that belongs to it.
A chance to hear the voices around us telling what we risk to lose. Soon.
A reminder that this is Our Home. Our Footprint. Our Responsibility.

Time and date

April 28, 10am-12pm.


Alcosta Senior & Community Center

IWD 2019 Poster Draft 1.jpg

International womens day

A big thanks to all who joined Rewire Community to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) on March 10 in San Ramon!  Our theme for the day was 'Better for Balance', with cultural performances by members of our own community speaking to gender balance, social justice, gender fluidity and empowerment.   We are grateful for the diverse and inclusive community that came together! A time of thinking, singing, dancing, reflecting and rising together!

Where did my day go

Where did my day go- a question we ask often! Thank you all who joined us for an open conversation and the heart warming connections. A safe and judgment-free environment to take the first step to re-thinking balance in our many worlds. And a mindful look at why we take on what we do, what’s the trade off, what is the outcome for us and how do we define balance in all the moving parts called life..... with a gentle reminder to ride the wave, not fight it! Our heartfelt thanks to the amazing facilitators: Sangita Biswas (LMFT, Lotus Family Therapist Services) and Monica Kamran (Inner Sanctuary Wellness)!!" Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2265917913697316/

Date & Time

February 24th, 4-6pm


Amador Ranchos Community Center, San Ramon

Food Packing for Homeless Shelters in Fremont

Rewire Community packed brown bag lunches for homeless shelters in Fremont on two weekends. We were joined by volunteers from the community in San Ramon. The meal bags were delivered that very evening by us to the shelters.

Please email: Shailaja@rewirecommunity.org


January 18, 2019 and January 25, 2019